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Name: Josh Unsworth

Nickname: Unsy

Role: 1st XI Captain & All Rounder

Name: Murray Hill

Nickname: The Horse

Role: 2nd XI V/C & Batsman

Name: Josh Hampson

Nickname: One Hip Wonder

Role: Batsman

Name: Lee Hallas

Nickname: Jings

Role: All Rounder

Name: Sam Clarke

Nickname: Guns

Role: Batsman

Name: Ben Littler

Nickname: Busy Ben

Role: Batsman

Meet the Players

Name: Jack Needham

Nickname: Dirk Kuyt

Role: 1st XI V/C & All Rounder

Name: Pete Richards

Nickname: Liquorice Legs

Role: All Rounder

Name: Jason Downey

Nickname: JD

Role: Bowler

Name: Craig Young

Nickname: King Rat

Role: Wicket Keeper Batsman

Name: Mark Richards

Nickname: Ronnie

Role: Bowler

Name: Logan Jeffs

Nickname: Jeffsy

Role: All Rounder

Name: Tom Chetwyn

Nickname: Cheggers

Role: 2nd XI Captain & Bowler

Name: Paul Needham

Nickname: Ned

Role: Batsman


Name: Jordan Henderson

Nickname: Jolly

Role: All Rounder


Name: Tom Littler

Nickname: Bullet Head

Role: All Rounder

Name: Brad Holme

Nickname: Wiggins

Role: Bowler

Name: George Ridings

Nickname: Mush

Role: Bowler

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