Hawk Green Cricket Club

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   Email: secretary@hawkgreencc.com

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Hawk Green Cricket Club

An excellent Cricket Club situated in Hawk Green, Marple.


A thriving club with excellent Junior and Senior teams, an excellent pitch and a full bar and function room to top it off.

Junior Training Sessions

Our junior sessions run every Friday 6:30-8pm. Interested in joining? Drop us an email to hawkgreenccjuniors@gmail.com for more information.

What's new?

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100+ Club Winners
 1st     Tony Holme                    £300       72
   2nd     Marina Griffin                 £100      158
  3rd     Bryn Jones                     £100      107
  4th     Steve Cundiff                  £50       120
  5th     Karen Doherty                 £50        56
6th     Pete McLean                   £50         6
   7th     Mike Hudson                    £25        53
   8th     Casey Beever                  £25        17

Winnings can be collected from the club or by arranging with Helen Goodwin.

Next draw:
 Friday 27th January at approximately 6:15pm.

They're back! 

A Few Good Men are returning to HGCC for another night of fantastic music!


Check out the details and follow the build up here: 


DCCL Rule Changes

The League Management Committee have proposed some changes to the rules and procedures this year, which have been voted on by all the clubs in the DCCL. 

See the link below for the full explanation and implementation of these rules and changes:


Looking for things to fill your 2017 with laughter, entertainment and new experiences? 

Head over to over Social page to see what HGCC has to offer to keep yourself busy this year!

We want your feedback!


With the recent website re-vamp, we welcome your feedback on any content on our site. 

Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Hawk Green C.C



T: 0161 427 9276